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A Groundbreaking Film About Clozapine

On May 30, 2024, the documentary film “INTO THE LIGHT Meaningful Recovery from Psychosis” was released by Team Daniel Running for Recovery from Mental Illness.

This film, created by the families of Team Daniel, documents the incredible work of Dr. Robert Laitman and his wife, Dr. Ann Mandel, in developing a clozapine-centered approach that has helped thousands of families across the globe.

Narrated by Brooke Adams and Tony Shalhoub, this powerful film enlists the most prominent physicians and experts engaged in the treatment of Serious Mental Illness: Dr. Xavier Amador, Dr. Lisa Dixon, Dr. Ken Duckworth, Dr. Robert Laitman, Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Dr. Ann Mandel, Dr. Jonathan Meyer, Dr. Fuller Torrey, Bethany Yeiser, Elyn Saks, and many others.

Among The Angry Moms, clozapine has been the most effective, possibly the only effective treatment for our family members with psychosis and related disorders. It is our sincere hope that all who suffer can have a competent trial of the world’s safest and most effective antipsychotic: clozapine.

Thousands of suffering individuals in the U.S. die every year because of barriers to clozapine treatment. Far more lives are lost from clozapine underutilization, wrongful discontinuations and treatment interruptions than are allegedly saved by the excessive mandatory blood testing and FDA-imposed REMS regulations.

We must eliminate these deadly barriers to lifesaving clozapine treatment. Please watch and share this vital message of hope and help. Someone you know needs to see this.



The Angry Moms

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6 days ago

See and share this amazing documentary about schizophrenia, clozapine and recovery. Thoughtful, educational, and inspirarional! When will the FDA stop putting barriers between patients and this important life saving medication?

Submitted by Donna Taylor, NY

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