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Blocked Access to Clozapine is Devastating

Paul Frysh is an award-winning senior health writer at WebMD. His May 24th, 2023 publication Schizophrenia: Is the FDA Hindering the Most Effective Med? spotlights the journey of Andrew and his mother Mary.

The FDA’s extortionist and inflexible “No Blood, No Drug” policy for dispensing clozapine has caused devastating consequences and lifelong disability for Andrew. As Andrew’s caregiver, Mary suffers PTSD and constant fear that her son’s clozapine could be cut off because of a technicality or logistical challenge in obtaining routine bloodwork. Mary, like all members of The Angry Moms, continues to face ongoing battles with the dangerous and deadly clozapine REMS restrictions.

This madness must end.

On behalf of The Angry Moms, we are grateful to Paul Frysh for bringing attention to this most vulnerable population. Please read, share and re-post this important feature story:

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