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Report A Problem Obtaining Clozapine

If you are currently experiencing a medical or mental health crisis, please contact emergency or crisis services immediately by calling 911 or the national crisis hotline at 988.

If you are currently out of clozapine, or about to run out, please call the clozapine REMS Contact Center at 1-888-586-0758 immediately. If they cannot resolve your issue in time for your next dose, you may wish to consider going to a local psychiatric hospital or urgent care center.

Once your immediate difficulty with obtaining clozapine has been resolved, a member of The Angry Moms can help you file a complaint with the FDA regarding the clozapine REMS or any difficulty you have experienced with access to clozapine. These complaints, which will be submitted through the MedWatch system, will not name any doctor, clinic, or pharmacy. You will not be penalized or lose access to medication or services by making a MedWatch report, and reports can be made anonymously. 

Some patients and families are reporting difficulty finding a doctor willing to prescribe clozapine. Not all patients are candidates for clozapine treatment. However, many eligible and appropriate individuals are denied this life-saving medication or are unable to find an experienced local provider. When patients are told clozapine is “very dangerous” or “only used as a last resort” or “we don’t use clozapine here” it is possible that your provider is not following the current APA standards of care and known best practices. 

For help submitting a MedWatch adverse event report, or for help with clozapine advocacy resources, please submit your contact information here, along with a brief description of your situation, and a member of The Angry Moms will contact you.

Thanks for submitting!

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